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        Trainers' Profiles

        Our tutors

        The Society runs dozens of training courses every year. The success of the training programme comes from the strength in depth of what it has to offer. The scope of the programme is extraordinarily wide, featuring courses on everything from foundations of OR, the science of data visualisation and cognitive mapping?to?soft systems methodology, credit scoring and?data wrangling with Python - to name but few.

        Crucial to the delivery of the programme are our tutors, who are highly experienced lecturers and leaders in their fields. The OR Society is proud to be able to boast its association such quality instructors.

        Bart Baesens

        Lecturer (Assistant professor), School of Management, University of Southampton

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        Dr Giles Hindle

        Senior Lecturer at Hull University Business School, a Director of Health Consultancy Services Ltd and a Teaching Fellow at Warwick Business School.

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        Dr Kathryn Hoad

        Senior Teaching Fellow at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

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        Kathy Kotiadis

        Fellow at the University of Kent and a former Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick.

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        Dr Martin Kunc

        Associate Professor of Management Science at Warwick Business School

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        Training Working Group

        The Training Working Group (TWG) is a sub-Committee of the?Events Committee (EC). This small group is responsible for?identifying, commissioning, reviewing and publicising OR Society training as well as the day-to-day running of the training and the?associated data collection, admin and forward management of?the programme.

        The TWG is always pleased to hear from our?members, at any time, with suggestions about topics that might?be included in the training programme going forward, that?are not already covered in the existing offering.

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