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        Volunteering Resources

        The OR Society relies on the support of volunteers in many areas, including its board, general council and supporting committees. However, this section is primarily dedicated towards volunteers wishing to support our OR in Education initiative and our Pro Bono OR programme.

        OR in Education

        The OR in Education programme enables schools to draw support from the operational research community to help them communicate the importance of maths, OR and STEM subjects to their students.?

        Full details of our OR in Education initiative can be found in the What We Do area of our website.

        Before a visit

        orie volunteering OVErview


        ORiE Virtual Volunteering Guide

        ORIE Career Talk template


        After a visit

        Volunteer Expenses Claim Form

        Volunteer Feedback form

        Policies and Procedures

        ORiE Volunteer poliCies

        ORiE?Child safeguarding policy

        OR Society Safeguarding concern report form

        Pro Bono OR

        Our Pro Bono OR scheme connects volunteer analysts with good causes for short but highly impactful projects. Volunteering will give you the opportunity to cultivate your skills and?practice them in a wider arena whilst helping third sector organisation improve their operations with OR.

        Full details of our Pro Bono OR scheme can be found in?the Pro Bono area of our website.