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        For more information on our learned journals please visit their individual pages.

        JORS (with names).png

        Journal of the Operational Research Society

        The Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS) presents papers that typically cover the theory, practice, history or methodology of OR.

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        EJIS (with names).png

        European Journal of Information Systems

        The European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) provides a distinctive European perspective on the theory and practice of information systems.?

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        KMRP (with names).png

        Knowledge Management Research and Practice

        Knowledge Management Research and Practice?(KMRP) contains high quality, peer reviewed articles on all aspects of managing knowledge, organisational learning, intellectual capital and knowledge economics.

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        JOS (with names).png

        Journal of Simulation

        The Journal of Simulation (JOS) aims to publish both articles and technical notes from researchers and practitioners active in the field of simulation.

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        HS (with names).png (1)

        Health Systems

        Health Systems is an interdisciplinary journal promoting the idea that all aspects of health and healthcare delivery can be viewed from a systems perspective.

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        JBA (with names).png

        Journal of Business Analytics

        The mission of the Journal of Business Analytics is to serve the emerging and rapidly growing community of business analytics both in academia and industry.

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        OR Insights.jpg

        OR Insight

        OR Insight, now discontinued,?aimed to appeal not only to OR practitioners and consultants but also to managers and others wishing to learn more about OR in practice. The journal informed about not just the scope and potential of OR but also developments in related areas.

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