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        Become a Member

        Currently working in or interested in operational research and analytics? Whatever?your career level, becoming a member of The OR Society will?give you access to?the tools you need to thrive?amongst?a relevant?professional community, plus exclusive?opportunities?to?move your career forward.

        What to expect?

        The OR Society is more than a professional body.?We’re?home to the science + art of problem solving and enable our global community of OR professionals to make better operational decisions.

        Becoming a member of The OR Society?will enable you to:?


        ENHANCE your credibility with professional development through accreditation and access to prestigious awards, prizes, scholarships and assisted places, plus exclusive volunteering opportunities.

        You will also receive access to research and insight, including academic journals and an extensive online library which you can access anytime, anywhere.


        ACCESS development opportunities through world-leading training, including a comprehensive calendar of face-to-face and online courses with leading figures throughout the UK.


        CONNECT with your peers both online and face-to-face, in turn giving you the tools you need to find and secure career opportunities and funding for academic projects.


        KNOW everything that’s going on in your sector with access to current news through tailored newsletters and our monthly publication, Inside OR or our free biannual publication Impact Magazine, which discusses the latest developments in the profession and is available both printed and online.

        Each of our benefits will help?you?to build lasting credibility as you progress in a career?that’s?both successful and rewarding.?

        Ready to take the next step??


        Want to know more about our benefits or have a question about what membership could mean for you??Call?our Membership team on?+44 (0)121?233?9300?or email?[email protected]?

        Are you retired?

        Continue to impart your knowledge on the profession even after?you've?retired with our?Retired membership. This subsidised membership enables you to give back through volunteering, including presenting at?industry events?and assisting with?research?and advice for our members.??

        This membership?also?means that you will continue to receive the latest industry?news?and retain access to new research and insight?to ensure you’re always?at the forefront of the profession?with The OR Society – home to the science + art of problem solving.?