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        Certified Analytics Professional

        Certified Analytics Professional is an exam-based analytics qualification established by INFORMS, the US equivalent of The OR Society. CAP is the premier global professional certification for analytics practitioners and anyone who attains the distinction will distinguish themselves and create greater opportunities to enrich their careers.

        CAP may be right for you if:

        • ?You want a qualification that is specifically related to analytics?or
        • You want a designation that is being promoted beyond The OR Society or
        • You want an exam-based qualification

        Programme at a glance:

        • Portable credential based on practice of analytics professional
        • Vendor and software neutral: sponsored by INFORMS, a neutral third party
        • Created by teams of subject matter experts from practice, academe, government
        • Focused on seven domains of analytics process:
          1. Business Problem Framing
          2. Analytics Problem Framing
          3. Data
          4. Methodology Selection
          5. Model Building
          6. Deployment
          7. Lifecycle Management
        • Global reach through computer-based testing
        • Must have education & experience & agree to ethics code
        • Confirmation of soft skills and provision of transcript can be done after exam
        • Renew every three years with professional development units

        CAP and CPD

        Like Chartered Scientist, CAP requires commitment to CPD and record-keeping of CPD for inspection.?View INFORMS?on-demand informational webinars?to learn everything you need to apply, prepare, and benefit from your CAP? Certification.?For more information, to register and to apply for CAP please visit www.certifiedanalytics.org

        Members of The OR Society are able to take the examination at a discounted price.

        Certified Analytics Professional Logo

        CAP Frequently Asked Questions

        Still undecided? Read INFORMS' FAQs to answer the most common questions about CAP, and check out Michael Mortenson's article,?Experiences of taking INFORMS’ Certified Analytics Professional exam

        If the CAP fits

        Michael Mortenson gives us his take on the experience of becoming CAP qualified

        If the CAP fits

        CAP overview

        Download our helpful CAP leaflet here.

        CAP overview

        Download the CAP Handbook

        The CAP Handbook?provides you with complete information about the CAP? Program, How to Apply, Preparing for the Exam, Taking the Exam, and the Code of Ethics.?

        CAP Handbook

        CAP Launch Event Slides

        CAP Launch Slides