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        Yorkshire & Humberside OR Group (YHORG)

        This regional society meets regularly to enable members to network with other operational researchers in their local area and to expand their knowledge of OR in breadth and depth.

        We put on meetings and other events, which are generally free admission and open to all, giving members the freedom to invite clients and others outside OR who are interested in the subject.

        Connect with us

        You can find the latest news of this group’s activities as well as dates and details of upcoming and past events. You can also join this group’s email distribution list and get in direct touch with the group’s organisers through the ‘get in touch’ form. Any documents, such as presentation slides and promotional leaflets, are available through the ‘related documents’ box below.

        Committee details

        David Halsall Chair
        Sarah Fores Secretary
        Jane Parkin Treasurer
        Giles Hindle Regional Representative on General Council
        Suchi Collingwood ?
        Aidan Cross
        Gail Ludlam ?
        Tetyana Mykhaylyk
        Christina Phillips ?
        Syed Salleh ?
        Sajid Siraj
        Ribblehead Viaduct.jpg

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        Modelling the Northern Powerhouse - report Aidan Cross 03/12/2018 1.0  
        Modelling the Northern Powerhouse - slides Aidan Cross 29/11/2018 1.0  
        OR and Data Science: a match Dr. Giles A. Hindle & Prof Richard Vidgen 25/02/2016 1.0  
        OR and Data Science: a match made in heaven? Dr. Giles A. Hindle, Professor Richard Vidgen 24/02/2016 1.0  
        Report on YHORG meeting held on 8/5/15 Sarah Fores 21/05/2015 1.0  

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        July 2020

        Learned Societies lead on Professionalisation of Data Science

        In this instance, professionalisation isn’t a smart suit or a slick presentation. It covers the knowledge, skills and behaviours that might be expected of a data scientist. The OR Society is a key player in a group of bodies interested in what such professionalisation might look like.

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        April 2020

        Supply Chain Response Hub for COVID-19 Recovery Scenario Modelling

        AIMMS has released a supply chain response hub, allowing businesses to create models that account for the disruption COVID-19 is having on supply chains.

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