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        Measuring Impact

        International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS)
        International Mixed Ability Sports has a vision to radically change the way we think of, join in and enjoy sports, leading to a fairer and more equal society.

        24 | 07 | 2019

        Evaluating the Mixed Ability model, creating a strategy and collecting monitoring data as evidence of value.

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        Understanding the Effectiveness of Training & Development

        Pursuing Independent Paths
        A charity supporting adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential.

        10 | 08 | 2017

        How to aggregate and analyse the data to understand trends and overall effectiveness.

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        Improving Performance by Redesigning Shifts

        A charity that helps solve crime through members of the public providing information anonymously.

        07 | 06 | 2017

        How to take on new business and improve performance without a big increase in staffing costs.

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        Understanding the Benefits of a Social Care Programme

        The WAVE Trust
        A charity that improves the welfare of children through preventing child maltreatment.

        13 | 12 | 2013

        How to understand the cost and benefits to support their business case for funding.

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        Using Transactional Data to Know Your Audience

        A charity that provides support to the people affected by blood cancer

        01 | 01 | 0001

        How to understand transactional data on different groups of supporters and what makes these groups different.

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        Designing an Outcomes Framework to Measure Impact

        Elfrida Rathbone
        A charity that supports young disabled people and families in need in the London borough of Camden.

        01 | 01 | 0001

        How to develop an outcome framework at an organisational level to evaluate the effectiveness of their work.

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