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        Get Involved

        The OR Society is a place of opportunity for members who wish to get involved, make decisions and have an impact on what we do.

        The first step to getting involved is joining the OR Society with the membership package most suited to you. Following this, you can get involved with anything from helping organise events and conferences and joining our task forces, steering groups and committees to running our regional societies and special interest groups. All of our committees are volunteer-led, including the board and general council, and we rely upon the expertise and experience that lies within our membership.

        You are also most welcome to attend our webinars and submit articles to our journals and monthly membership magazine, Inside OR.

        Delegate receives name badge and goody bag at annual conference

        Volunteering Opportunities

        Find out about all the ways you can make The OR Society better

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        OR in Education

        Help us inspire the next generation of operational researchers and analysts.

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        Pro Bono OR

        Find out how third sector organisations can access volunteer analysts - for free!

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        Society Groups

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        Related Organisations

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        Submit an article

        Submit your article directly to our journal and magazine editors

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        Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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