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        Fuzzy Systems

        A fuzzy multi-criteria decision analysis model for advanced technology assessment at Kennedy Space Centre

        A fuzzy attractiveness of market entry (FAME) model for market selection decisions

        Latest News

        November 2020

        Join the KD Tocher Medal judges’ panel

        Applications are now open for practitioners and academics interested in becoming a volunteer judge for the Journal of Simulation (JOS) KD Tocher Medal.

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        July 2020

        Learned Societies lead on Professionalisation of Data Science

        In this instance, professionalisation isn’t a smart suit or a slick presentation. It covers the knowledge, skills and behaviours that might be expected of a data scientist. The OR Society is a key player in a group of bodies interested in what such professionalisation might look like.

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        April 2020

        Supply Chain Response Hub for COVID-19 Recovery Scenario Modelling

        AIMMS has released a supply chain response hub, allowing businesses to create models that account for the disruption COVID-19 is having on supply chains.

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