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        What is Operational Research?

        Operational research (OR) is a scientific approach to the solution of problems in the management of complex systems that enables decision makers to make better decisions.

        Who uses operational research?

        OR is used by organisations of all sizes, including businesses across all industry sectors, government and other public sector bodies, charities, communities and even individuals. OR helps inform strategic, tactical and operational decisions as well as assisting in the design of public policy.?

        Most of the problems OR tackles are messy and complex, often involving considerable uncertainty. OR uses advanced analytics, modelling, problem structuring, simulation, optimisation and data science to determine the best solution to the problem and the best practical course of action.

        What are the benefits of using OR?

        Depending upon the problem, the benefits of OR can be a wide range of performance improvements including cost reduction, revenue enhancement, saving lives, raising levels of customer service or risk reduction.

        The use of OR leads to more productive systems based on robust data analysis, full consideration of available options, careful predictions of outcomes and estimates of risk, and a collaborative approach that engages with all stakeholder groups.

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